Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller


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Product Details

  • Put the power in your hands with the Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller
  • 8 Driving modes and 32 adjustable levels
  • Adjust settings in easy-to-use app
  • By-the-second onscreen information
  • Self-dimming screen adjusts to ambient light
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • While they were no stranger to the throttle control game, Ultimate9 really outdid themselves with the evcX Throttle Controller. This easy-to-use programmer features 8 various driving modes and a jaw-dropping 32 adjustable attributes. Dual USB-C ports and a proprietary app make this programmer easier to use than ever.

    Your Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller’s Ultimate9 Mode pulls out all the stops and sets your pedal response to its highest setting. Ultimate Mode lets you choose from 9 levels of sensitivity to fine-tune your particular vehicle’s performance. Launch Mode helps you focus on takeoffs with a powerful initial response that’s designed to reduce wheel spin. Adapt Mode does the work for you, adjusting output by the minute based on your pedal input.

    Eco Mode, with 9 levels of intensity to choose from, will come in handy on loose terrain and during low-speed towing applications. Anti-Slip Mode helps increase traction by limiting RPM, perfect for slick ice and thick mud. Valet Mode is great for parking, limiting your throttle by about half of your max RPM. Factory Mode simply restores your factory settings at the click of a button. Finally, the much anticipated Lock Mode takes your throttle input to zero, making your ride essentially impervious to theft.

    This system is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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