Saab 9-7X Accessories, Custom Parts, Mods & Upgrades


Saab 9-7X Accessories

Let the product section at AAG build up your 9-7X's feel and appearance. If it's added torque you're after, our Exhaust Systems and Transmission Components enhance your 9-7X to the next level. Auto Accessories Garage's Leveling Kits and Air Intakes will take your stock car and bring it to a new level of performance. Whether you use it chauffeur around the kids, drive to the office, or even the occasional road trip across the country. It's your 9-7X - enhance it to meet your need with add-ons from AAG.

Unlike all other Saabs the Saab 9-7X was not manufactured in Sweden.  It was in fact the first Saab manufactured right here in the US.  It is unique in other aspects as well; the 9-7X is the first Saab to come standard with all wheel drive, and it was also the first to be available with a V8 Engine.

Replace the brake pads & rotors for your 9-7X all at once with the convenient Power Stop Brake Kit.  If you are looking brighten up the interior Lloyd floor mats come in just about every color imaginable.  Call or live chat the staff at AAG anytime for help finding just the right accessory for your 9-7X.