KW Suspension Variant 3 Coilover Shocks 35271029

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KW Suspension 35271029 fits 2006-2013 Porsche 911. Select your vehicle to confirm fitment.

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KW Suspension 35271029 fits the following vehicle:

  • 2006-2013 Porsche 911
  • Enhance your handling and performance with KW Coilover Shocks
  • Provides a lower center of gravity, tight cornering, reduced squat, and smooth looks
  • KW Coilover Shocks are custom-designed and set for your make, model, and year vehicle
  • High-tensile racing springs are designed for the perfect balance of soft, comfortable ride and stiff support for high performance
  • Inox-Line stainless steel strut housings are super-resistant to rust and salt damage
  • Twin-tube design for better performance and comfort
  • Anodized aluminum spring collars look great and stand up to all-season use
  • Chromium-plated, hardened piston rod
  • Teflon piston seals for minimum friction and temperature with excellent sealing properties
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Depending on your vehicle, KW Coilover Shocks are available in three performance stages:
    • V1: Gives you full control of the height of each shock
    • V2: Lets you adjust both height and rebound
    • V3: Full control of your shocks' height, rebound and compression
  • Drop your stance and enhance your ride's handling, cornering, and agility. KW Coilover Shocks lower your center of gravity for a more nimble feel and are specially balanced to provide a soft comfortable ride with stiff performance when you need it. They also give you full control over their height at all four corners.

    KW Coilover Shocks are factory-set to your exact year, make, and model for race-worthy control and handling. They come in three different performance stages to let you fine-tune everything from the shock height to the rebound and compression, KW V1, KW V2, and KW V3. Their high-tensile, race-quality springs have the ideal spring rate for both tight performance and a comfortable ride.

    Your KW Coilover Shocks are built for a lifetime of dependable performance and flawless looks. Twin Tube designs, anodized aluminum spring collars, and stainless steel strut housings stand up to even the toughest rust hazards and look great in your wheel wells. Plus, the piston seals are made from Teflon for minimal friction and heat with excellent sealing.

    Add a set of KW Coilover Shocks and take your handling, performance, and looks to new levels. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.