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Top 10 Best Toyota Camry Trailer Hitches

Find the top-rated and best Toyota Camry Trailer Hitches here. Camry car trailer hitches make towing your toys, boats, and trailers easier than ever. These Toyota Camry trailer hitches mount onto pre-existing holes for a precise fit and no-drill installation. Pick up an anty-sway system to eliminate sketchy towing and tow more confidently. Remember, every Toyota Camry hitch from AutoAccessoriesGarage comes with budget-friendly prices and trustworthy support.
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Toyota Camry Curt Receiver Hitch
(935 Reviews)
  • From $96.99
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller
  • From $289.95
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt T Connector Wiring Harness
  • From $24.99
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt BetterWeigh Vehicle & Trailer Weight Scale
  • From $105.49
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt Echo Under-Dash Trailer Brake Controller
  • From $264.95
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Factor 55 FlatLink Winch Shackle Mount
  • From $146.00
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt Ready Tow Ball Mount
  • From $43.99
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Curt RV Towing Starter Kit
  • From $462.95
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Go Rhino Oval Hitch Step
  • From $61.49
  • Free Shipping
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Toyota Camry Go Rhino HS-20 Hitch Bumper Step
  • From $113.49
  • Free Shipping
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Can't make up your mind? Let us help you out! We put our years of industry experience, customer reviews, and expert opinions to use and ranked our Most Popular Towing & Hitches.

Toyota Camry hitches may usually be a real hassle to shop for, not so with AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. When you use our site's make/model/year picker it's easy to track down Toyota Camry receiver hitches for your vehicle. Best yet, our skilled sales assistants can help out with every step of the process, whether browsing for trailer hitches or tracking your order. When searching for Camry towing products at the best prices around, AAG is the top provider.

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Camry Towing & Hitch Reviews

Michelle H from Sacramento, CA wrote:

This Curt tow hitch fit on my 2014 Toyota Camry perfectly. It was easy to install, directions were clear and accurate. Awesome product. Read more Curt Receiver Hitch customer reviews.

David P from Florissant, MO said:

Install on my 2007 Toyota was straightforward. The hitch is very solid. I bought it for a bike mount but I would not be afraid to tow a trailer with it.

Labios deFuego from Aurora, CO wrote:

This is very basic and simple. The only impediment may happen when trying to get the interior panels in the trunk off so a person can get at the tail light wiring. The wire connector to each tail light is unplugged. The male end of the T-plug is inserted in the female receptacle of the car wiring harness. The male plug end of the car wiring harness is plugged in to the female end of the T-connector. Do this to both tail lights of the car. That's all there is to it. Read more Curt T Connector Wiring Harnes customer reviews.

Labios deFuego from Aurora, CO said:

2000 Toyota Camry: Installation of the hitch receiver does not require removal of the muffler heat shield as the installation instructions say. There is no need to mess with it. Installation of the hitch receiver requires someone or something hold it in place when the two holes in the driver's side frame rail are marked for drilling. I balanced the hitch receiver on the saddle of a floor jack, raised the hitch receiver into place, and traced the elongated holes in the hitch onto the frame rail with a Sharpie pen. Then I lowered the hitch receiver and marked the center point of the two hole tracings. The hitch instruction sheet said the U-bolt for the left side mount was 3/8", but did not make it clear that the holes to be drilled in the frame rail should be 3/8". I drilled the holes in the frame rail with a 13/32" bit to compensate for the curves in the U-bolt. When I inserted the U-bolt in the 13/32" holes I realized the holes were slightly oversized. The threaded part of the U-bolt is 3/8", but the bolt shaft is slightly smaller. The U-bolt slipped through both 13/32 holes with room to spare, and that's when I realized it would have slipped easily through 3/8" holes. My 13/32" holes shouldn't make any difference in the use or safety of the hitch, but it would have been nice to know to drill 3/8" holes in the first place. Once the U-bolt was in place I put a small amount of rope caulk around the holes to seal them. I could have used silicone sealant. I put blue Loc-Tite on all bolt threads and torqued the bolts and nuts to the listed torques. I could not get a torque wrench on the front bolt on the passenger's side, so the torque on that bolt is my best estimate. That completed the hitch receiver installation. I cannot rate the hitch yet because it hasn't been used. Like most things when they are new, everything is still shiny. The real assessment of this hitch will come in a few years, after using it for awhile. The ratings I give the hitch in this review are expressions of hope rather than based on any experience with it.

Scott P from Kennedy, NY wrote:

The slotted holes did not line up with the existing holes in the frame. the heat shield trimming directions were wrong. It took much longer to install because of these problems. But like the hitch anyway.

John R from Iron Mountain, MI says:

Hitch fit up perfect without any problems, only issue I had was the rusted attached nuts in the frame of the car which caused the installation to be longer than usual (12 years old car). Shipment was fast.

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