ACT Modified Street Disc Clutch Kit

5100 C
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Product Details

  • Hook your daily driver up with a performance-inspired yet affordable ACT Modified Street Disc Clutch Kit
  • Unique custom design for manual transmission vehicles
  • Perfect for commuting and everyday driving
  • More aggressive engagement, more nimble shifting
  • High quality organic friction materials for long life, high heat tolerance, quick recovery
  • Center-hub springs lessen engagement shock; spring-centered construction for quiet operation
  • Reliable, durable construction
  • Available with Sport, Heavy-Duty, or Xtreme pressure plate, depending on vehicle (pressure plate differences affect pedal feel, with the Xtreme the stiffest)
  • Direct bolt-in installation to stock clutch assembly
  • 90-Day Warranty
  • As a clutch wears out, performance suffers. Your daily driver deserves better, so satisfy your transmission's needs with the ACT Modified Street Disc Clutch Kit.

    These ACT clutch kits bring the design of a performance part with functionality suitable to your daily driver. With designs unique to all available manual transmission vehicles, these systems bring quicker shifting and aggressive engagement without the noise and chatter of a racing clutch. Suitable for any vehicle, every ACT Modified Street Disc Clutch Kit features high-quality organic friction materials and spring-centered construction that work together for greater longevity, faster recovery, and quiet operation. Applications are available with your choice of pressure plate, and everything is made to bolt directly to your vehicle's factory clutch assembly.

    Bring the technology of the track to your daily driver with an Advanced Clutch Technology Modified Street Disc Clutch Kit. Backed by a 90-Day Warranty.