How To Measure Your Pickup Truck Bed: Size Chart with Length Dimensions

How To Measure Your Truck Bed

At we offer a wide variety of Truck Accessories that help you organize your cargo, keep your equipment protected, and shield your truck bed from damage. Many of these products, from Truck Bed Covers to Pickup Truck Toolboxes, are designed to fit particular bed lengths and sizes, so it's essential that you provide us with the correct dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. Follow the simple steps below on how to measure truck beds, and make sure you're getting the right part for your truck.

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Know Your Truck Bed Style

The first thing to consider when shopping for truck accessories is what truck style you're driving. Depending on the products you're looking for, this may be an extremely important piece of information. There are four main styles of truck beds and cabs out there:

Types of Truck Beds

Once you know what kind of truck you have, the next step is to measure the bed length.

Measure Your Truck Bed Length

Truck Bed Length MeasurementYour truck bed length is determined by the distance between the inside of your tailgate and the inside of the bulkhead. When you measure truck bed length you may find that the exact number does not match any lengths listed on our product pages. That's because most truck and accessory companies round off their measurements to the nearest half-foot. So, if your truck bed measures 76", you can go with the product listed for a 6.5-foot bed.



Bed Lengths by Make and Model

So you got out the tape measure and now you have the length of your bed in inches. Now what? Find your truck’s make and model in the guide below and match up your measurement with the advertised length and name of your particular truck bed.

Remember: your tape measure may be at a slight angle which could alter the measurement you end up with. It’s best to think of your measurement as an approximation, and match it up with the nearest bed length. Measurements can also vary from body style to body style.

Truck Bed Type Advertised Length Actual Length
Chevy Colorado Short Bed 5'2" 62.7 in. (5'2.7")
Long Bed 6'2" 74.0 in. (6'2")
Chevy Silverado Short Bed 5'9" 69.3 in. (5'9.3")
Standard Bed 6'7" 78.8 in. (6'6.8")
Long Bed 8'2" 97.8 in. (8'1.8")
Dodge Ram Short Bed 5'7" 67.4 in. (5'7.4")
Standard Bed 6'4" 76.3 in. (6'4.3")
Long Bed 8'0" 98.3 in. (8'2.3")
Ford F-150 Short Bed 5'7" 67.1 in. (5'7.1")
Standard Bed 6'7" 78.9 in. (6'6.9")
Long Bed 8' 97.6 in. (8'1.6")
Ford F-250 Short Bed  6'8" 80 in. (6'8")
Standard Bed 8'0" 96.0 in. (8'0")
Ford F-350 Short Bed 6'10" 81.9 in. (6'9.8")
Standard Bed 8'2" 98.1 in. (8'2")
Ford Ranger Short Bed 5'0" 61.0 in. (5'1")
Standard Bed 6'0" 72.8 in. (6'0.8")
GMC Canyon Short Bed 5'2" 62.7 in. (5'2.7")
Long Bed 6'2" 74.0 in. (6'2")
GMC Sierra Short Bed 5'9" 69.9 in. (5'9.9")
Standard Bed 6'7" 79.4 in. (6'7.4")
Long Bed 8'2" 98.2 in. (8'2.2")
Nissan Frontier Short Bed 5'0" 58.9 in. (4'10.9")
Standard Bed 6'1" 73.3 in. (6'1.3")
Nissan Titan Short Bed 5'7" 67.1 in. (5'7.1")
Standard Bed 6'7" 78.9 in. (6'6.9")
Long Bed 7'0" 84.0 in. (7')
Toyota Tacoma Short Bed 5'0" 60.3 in. (5'0.3")
Standard Bed 6'2" 73.5 in. (6'1.5")
Toyota Tundra Short Bed 5'7" 65.6 in. (5'5.6")
Standard Bed 6'7" 77.6 in. (6'5.6")
Long Bed 8'2" 96.5 in. (8'1.6")

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