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ARB Winch Extension Strap

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Winch Extension Strap

  • Extend the length of your winch cable with the ARB Winch Extension Strap
  • Rolls up for easy and compact storage
  • Lightweight and non-stretch
  • Safety overload indicator
  • Two capacities available
    • 9,900 lbs.
    • 17,600 lbs.
  • Backed by a 2-Year Warranty

There’s nothing worse than when a coin rolls just under the seat of your car, a centimeter out of reach. You can feel the ridges! It’s so close, and yet so far. If only you could extend your arm an inch or two. Those who have winches on their rig know the feeling can extend to winch operation. Luckily you can actually extend the inches on your winches with the ARB Winch Extension Strap.

The lightweight ARB Winch Extension Strap is a non-stretch strap, making it a suitable anchor point for objects that are out of reach from your winch cable. The ability to roll and stow this strap makes it easier to store than a wire rope. A safety overload indicator warns the user when capacity is exceeded.

The two available weight ratings to choose from are 9,900 lbs. or 17,600 lbs. This strap is color coded in a high-visibility purple and backed by a 2-Year Warranty.