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About AEM Electronics

You may think of AEM solely as a manufacturer of air intakes and filters, but those three letters bring a whole lot more to the table. AEM Electronics builds their products with the same level of dedication, expertise, and passion that made their intakes among the best around.

If you aren't improving, you aren't winning - that's why AEM Electronics continues to introduce new engine management systems and accessories that stand alone in the world of performance parts. If they see a problem facing professional and amateur racers, they work tirelessly to come up with a product that solves it. And with a focus on the finest engineering, highest build quality, and best value, the results are always stunning.

Top automotive websites and magazines put AEM Electronics to the test, and time and again their independent tests show just how far these products outperform the competition. This proven level of performance explains why you'll find AEM Electronics under the hoods of top racing teams in all kinds of motorsports. With a devotion to constant innovation, the highest level of integrity, and putting customers first, AEM is sure to give you and your vehicle exactly what you need.