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Whether you are an amateur or a racing professional, B&G Suspension Systems is your one-stop shop for your vehicle's suspension needs. B&G Suspension Systems boasts one of the highest quality and most technologically advanced lines of performance suspension systems and parts today. B&G Suspension Systems have the legendary ability to create a smooth ride that puts the driver - not the car - in control, even at high speeds. B&G Suspension tailors their products specifically to high performance automobiles like F1, BOSS, and WRC race vehicles, so even their street products are steeped in the racing tradition.

The engineers at B&G Suspension Systems are obsessed with quality in a way that's almost intimidating. Each B&G Suspension Kit, Sport Spring, and Coilover System is manufactured using cutting-edge European spring manufacturing equipment. Once a new product is designed it is field and strength tested to ensure that it meets all of B&G's exhaustive performance, quality, and safety standards.

B&G Suspension Systems is based out of San Diego, California and has nearly 150 years of auto experience under its belt - including over 40 years of shock deign. Plus, they show no signs of slowing down. B&G Suspension Systems continues to constantly invent and re-invent itself, proving why they have remained successful for over a century.