Baer Accessories

About Baer

Baer Racing, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Hal Baer. For over 2 decades Baer has proven to be a strong team in the braking industry, providing quality brake products for vehicles on and off the track. Baer provides over 150 applications of brake systems designed as OE-style replacements for no-mod installations.

Baer Brake Systems are known for their quality construction and ingenious designs. Every Bear brake disc, brake rotor, and brake system is engineered for pure excellence. Bear Brakes also utilize the highest quality materials and proprietary blends to ensure the best brake performance possible. Every product, from Baer Brake Rotors to complete Baer Brake Upgrade Kits is designed for sport-quality performance on the track or street. It's this devotion to excellence that has made Baer Brakes famous for over 20 years.