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You need to know all the little details of your vehicle's performance to make sure it's running its best. That knowledge requires fast and accurate testing and scanning of your engine's on-board systems. Launch Tech USA gives you that power.

Launch Tech USA's goal is to provide the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for automotive diagnosis and repair. With Launch Scanners and Diagnostic Tools, drivers have the power to perform fast, accurate analysis and more easily fix engine troubles before they turn into costly damage. Launch OBDII Scanners and tools are designed by some of the most distinguished and experienced engineers in the automotive industry. They utilize multiple test centers around the world to ensure rapid upgrades, innovative designs, and the highest number of compatible vehicles available.

Launch Tech Tools and Scanners have received the highest of praise from customers and trade magazines. Their highly sought-after functions like full OBD2 test mode coverage, adaptive resets, and key/module programming put Launch a big step ahead of other diagnostic tools, and their tools cover virtually every vehicle make available in the U.S. Launch Tech USA is a member of ETI and AAIA and is closely involved with the automotive aftermarket.

When it's accurate testing and immediate results you need, look no further than the high quality and advanced engineering of Launch Tech USA Scanners and Automotive Diagnostic Tools.