Pewag Tire Chains

About Pewag

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality, trustworthy products, experience says it all. You know you can count on a manufacturer that's been in the industry for decades to make a product you can count on. So how could you go wrong with a company like Pewag, who has been building top-notch chains for nearly 300 years?

Pewag began in Austria in 1730, and ever since has been a reliable maker of tough, trusty chains. Once automobiles started filling streets the world over countless drivers turned to Pewag (and their sub-company Glacier) chains to help grip snowy streets. Pewag Glacier Chains are known for their high durability, tough grip, and easy installation. No matter the conditions outside, Pewag Chains are sure to get you where you need to go safely and securely.

Pewag Tire Chains are built tough enough to tackle the harshest winters, and they're backed with a 90-Day Warranty. Don't trust your traction with anything less than the centuries of experience that go into Pewag Glacier Tire Chains.