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About Vision X

Since it's inception, the people behind Vision X have made it their mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Founded in Seattle, WA, in 1997, Vision X has made its name in the worldwide lighting industry by offering unsurpassed quality, performance, and functionality.

World-class Vision X engineers take sometimes outlandish concepts and figure out how to get them into production and onto the market. They're not just inventing new products, either: these engineers are not afraid to take an old product and re-examine its functionality. As a result, agencies such as Homeland Security and NASA use Vision X products with pride. While Vision X is happy to have such high-profile customers, their diverse product designs are intended to please a large variety of private consumers in all markets, be they land, sea, air, or off-road enthusiasts.

Rigorous product testing and standards have allowed Vision X to make lighting equipment that can handle any challenge. They offer a range of beams, LED lights as well as halogens, driving lights and fog lights and double-stacked rows of 28 off-road lights, to name only a few of their more popular products. Vision X has set a new standard in the lighting business, so it's no wonder they have become one of its most popular brands.