Wolf Car Covers

About Wolf

Bugs. Dust. Grime. Kids. Pets. That's just the short list of everyday hazards that can ruin you vehicle's finish - even if you store yours in the garage. If you want to keep your investment looking its best and retain its value, you need a car cover that's durable, protective, and easy to use. That's where Wolf Car Covers come in.

Wolf Car Covers have been the preferred choice of car collectors and everyday drivers alike for years. Their Evolution, Block-It, Noah, and Dustop Car and Truck Covers have been seen in car shows, garages, and driveways all over the country. Their high quality materials keep UV-rays, moisture, dust, and pollution off of your vehicle while remaining lightweight and easy to handle and store. Wolf Car Covers are also designed to be soft and gentle on your paint, protecting your finish from fine scratches as well as external hazards.

Wolf Car Covers are available in semi-universal designs, so virtually any vehicle can be protected. Whether you drive a classic Corvette, a huge Hummer, or anything in between, you can keep it clean and protected with a Wolf Car Cover. Best yet, Wolf Car Covers give you superior, high-quality protection at the best value in the industry.