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Powerpack Pro

  • Jump start your own engine and get back on the road with the Duracell Powerpack Pro
  • Recharges vehicles with up to 8 cylinders and up to 1300-amp peak starting current
  • Features two AC outlets to charge devices and power other items
  • 160 PSI Air compressor built-in to pump up tires and equipment
  • Also includes bright LED work lamp for after dark
  • Backed by a 2-Year Warranty

Flat tire, dead cell phone, depleted car battery – any of these unexpected occurrences could derail your plans and quick. But with the Duracell Powerpack Pro, you can pump up your tires, jump start your engine, or recharge your cellphone and so much more! Any engine with up to 1300 peak amps of starting power and up to eight-cylinders is compatible!

Featuring a lithium-ion battery, your Duracell Powerpack Pro fits in your glove box and can not only jump start your ride but it can recharge your USB devices with the two USB ports or two three-pronged AC outlets. A built-in 160 PSI air compressor can also safely air up your tires, air mattresses, or sports equipment.

A bright, LED work light is also built in for whenever you need to work after dark. Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.