DC Sports Headers, Exhaust, & Mufflers

About Exhaust

Jack your vehicle's performance with a DC Sports Header! By opening up your engine's breathing passages, these headers let more air down into where the magic happens in your engine, yielding extraordinary results. One of these headers by DC Sports on your vehicle means increased horsepower and far greater torque, allowing you to do pretty much whatever you want with your new capabilities. Handle the boost responsibly.

You've got two choices: keep your power profile static, or change it for the better. If you go with option #2, make sure you check out DC Sports Exhaust. This is one company that knows what's up, and they offer a wide variety of parts for every different facet of your system. From a full system overhaul to individual header or pipe replacements, they give you major boosts. You'll love the difference.

It's a breeze to find the perfect DC Sports Header for your ride at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. Show us what you drive with our vehicle selector widget, and we'll show you every Exhaust product we have for it. Our delightful Customer Service team can answer any questions you may have, by both phone call and live chat, and once you buy something it ships to you for free. At AAG, it's our job to get you what you want, and quickly. Rest assured, we take it very seriously, and we're sure you'll love the experience.