Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit

3951 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • The Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit evens out the noise of your exhaust to create a sound that is smooth and consistent
  • Made from 16-gauge Aluminized Steel tube
  • Helps improve low end torque
  • Constructed with true mandrel bends for optimized flow
  • Includes a straight tube and a V-Tube
  • Variety of sizes available to fit your engine perfectly
  • Easy installation; no welding required
  • Made in the USA
  • Part of the allure of a high-end exhaust comes from the sound they make. Even more than added horsepower, it is the tiger-like purr of a high performance engine that attracts us to American muscle. Unfortunately, most of today's exhaust systems come with an unrefined exhaust that sounds more like a howl than a growl. Now you can take the smoker's cough out your engine's exhaust with the Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit.

    The Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit is like auto-tune for your engine. These aluminized steel tubes take the harsh gargle coming out of your engine and forms it into something truly melodic. The mandrel bends in these pipes make for a consistent diameter across the bends for maximum flow and performance. The Heartthrob H Pipe Kit includes a straight tube and a v-tube to help clear the drive shaft.

    Heartthrob H Pipe Kits are manufactured in the USA. Get yourself a nice batch of real, heavy-duty American steel and rock out your ride's performance with a Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit.

    Heartthrob H-Pipe Kit Customer Reviews


    Overall Rating:

    2.0 of 5

    Average Install Time:

    More than 2 hours


    The kit components seem to be of good quality; however, I can't really use them as intended because the 2" kit I bought is really "necked down" 2 1/4" compenents. If it was all 2" as I expected I could cut and modify to fit. The "T" fittings are also much larger than they need to be so you need a very long length of straight pipe to fit them in. The kit is as pictured, so it's somewhat my fault, but again: I expected 2" fittings, not reduced 2 1/4" fittings. I would say that if you have a 2 1/2" or 2 1/4" system you'll probably be happy.

    Install Time: More than 2 hours