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MSD 6LS Ignition Controller

MSD 6LS Ignition Controller
MSD Ignition
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6LS Ignition Controller

6LS-2 Ignition Controller

  • Easily run carbureted LS engines without the need of EFI hardware thanks to the MSD 6LS Ignition Controller
  • Program rev limiters, vacuum advance curves and nitrous retards
  • Plug directly into factory components for easy installation
  • Use your PC to map timing curves and program your ignition system with MSD's Pro-Data+ software
  • Two versions: 6LS for LS1/LS6 engines, and 6LS-2 for LS2/LS7 engines
  • Full controller and harness included
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

It might sound crazy to put a carburetor on a Gen-III GM V8. Use it with the MSD 6LS Ignition Controller, however, and you'll gain noticeable performance advantages without the headaches of setting up an elaborate EFI system.

Two MSD 6LS options are available. The standard MSD 6LS controller is designed for use with LS1/LS6 engines featuring a 24-tooth wheel. The MSD 6LS-2 works with LS2/LS7 engines with a 58-tooth wheel. Both systems install to factory connectors, with only a handful of connections required. Once installed, you are in full control. Use MSD's PC software Pro-Data+ to map a timing curve. Set an advanced vacuum curve to increase fuel economy, or a step retard for a nitrous boost. Program a two-step rev limiter, and do so without the complications of EFI hardware.

Save yourself some trouble, and save yourself a headache. Use the MSD 6LS Ignition Controller with your carbureted Gen-III GM engine, and find the performance gains you've been seeking. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.