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MSD Blaster Performance Ignition Coil

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    • Get higher performance from your ignition system by using an MSD Blaster Performance Ignition Coil
    • Choose among four separate ignition coils to find the perfect match for your system
    • Upgrade your stock coil or complement your MSD 6-series Ignition
    • All MSD Blaster coils are tested against performance parameters, even those better suited to stock kits, to ensure the best performance gains
    • Hand-assembled by MSD engineers to ensure perfect output, timing, quality, and performance
    • C.A.R.B.-approved
    • 1-Year Warranty

    A quality ignition coil allows for higher output and performance from your ignition system. No performance coil is more thoroughly inspected and tested for quality than the MSD Blaster Performance Ignition Coil, and the proof is in the performance.

    Choose from four different designs of MSD Blaster Ignition Coils. The MSD Blaster 2 coil is designed specifically to improve spark output on stock systems. However, it also pairs well with a full MSD Ignition Control system. In the latter use, a ballast resistor is not needed, but when used with stock, a ballast resistor will deliver voltage to the coil. In any event, spark isolation will be improved, and performance will be gained. The MSD Blaster 3 features an extra tall tower design, while the Blaster 2F features a "horseshoe" connector. The High Vibration Blaster is for use with off-road, marine, and other applications that often face harsh conditions. Its sturdy metal housing is completely potted, encasing the coil's primary and secondary windings. For racing, in particular, the High Vibration Blaster can be quite useful. Better still, all of the above applications are C.A.R.B.-approved.

    No matter how you plan to use these coils, whether with an MSD Ignition, with stock kits, or in high-power applications, make sure your choice of replacement coil is the right one with an MSD Blaster Performance Ignition Coil. Back by a 1-Year Warranty.

MSD Blaster Performance Ignition Coil Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

4.8 of 5

Average Install Time: Under 30 minutes

Mario G 2016-07-31


Install Time: Under 30 minutes