PlasmaGlow 2.1 Million Color LED Kit

5020 CMb Univ.
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Product Details

  • Put together the perfect light show for your vehicle with the PlasmaGlow 2.1 Million Color LED Kit
  • Full car body kit includes 4 flexible LED light strips, Digital Control Box, Dash Mount Controller, and all necessary installation hardware; truck and SUV body kit features all of the same hardware with 6 flexible LED strips
  • Universal fit works with all cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Digital Control Box allows you to make your LEDs scan, pulse with music, strobe, or remain solid, all while changing colors
  • Controller allows oscillation between 15 different available modes (9 scanning modes alone!) and through 2.1 million color cycle
  • The following accessories are designed to work specifically with Digital Control Box: 
    • Color Changing LED Door Handle Kit - thin LED strip mounts inside any door handle and connects directly to Control Box via 2-wire installation
    • Color Changing LED Glow Stix Tube - mount flexible 10", 15", or 24" LED tubes anywhere around your vehicle, both inside and out, for additional color-changing LED performance
    • Color Changing LED Wheel Well Kit - flexible LED strips mount inside your wheel wells and shine down on your tires as colors change in time with the rest of your vehicle's lighting system
    • Easy installation, simple wiring procedure
    • Lifetime Warranty

    A single-color body kit works fine for most people, but you are unique. Bigger is better, brighter is better, and the PlasmaGlow 2.1 Million Color LED Kit is the only under car light kit that will work for your vehicle.

    In each standard color-changing LED kit, you'll receive a digital control box, a dash mount controller, all necessary installation hardware, and 4 flexible LED strips for cars or 6 LED strips for trucks and SUVs. When you hook this system up, your body lighting and ground effects can be cycled through 15 different modes, including strobe, scan, pulse to music, or solid presentations. As the name says, the PlasmaGlow 2.1. Million Color LED Kit offers over 2 million colors to journey through and among as you find the perfect lighting effect for your ride.

    A variety of accessories are also available to work with your color-changing LED system. Augment your body lighting with door handles, interior and exterior glow sticks, and wheel well effects that will rotate in time with your other lights. So long as everything is hooked up to your digital control box, you can manipulate it with your dash mount controller and blow away everyone else's cars or trucks when you pull up alongside them.

    Don't lock yourself into one color for your vehicle body lighting kit because you think you have to. Instead choose the PlasmaGlow 2.1 Million Color LED Kit, and enjoy knowing exactly how amazing your vehicle lighting can look. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.