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Ranch Hand Headache Rack

Ranch Hand Headache Rack
Ranch Hand
Sorry, this product is no longer available. Click Here to shop other available Headache Racks
  • Prevent random accidents from causing big problems with a Ranch Hand Headache Rack
  • Keeps loose cargo from breaking your truck cab's back window
  • Available in two formats:
  • Fully louvered - regularly spaced bars run the length of the rack
  • Window cut - clear square pane cut into bars at rearview mirror for unobstructed visibility
  • Choose with or without rack-topping brake/reverse/work light bar
  • Cools your cab by deflecting direct sunlight
  • Made of heavy-duty 2" square steel tubing
  • Works with toolboxes
  • Easy installation, via long or short rails
  • 1-Year Warranty

The last thing any truck owner wants or needs is loose cargo from the truck bed crashing through the cab's rear window. Make sure this never happens to your truck with a Ranch Hand Headache Rack.

These racks install between your truck bed and rear cab window to provide peace of mind. 2" square steel bars run across the window and prevent cargo or debris from blowing out the glass and ruining your afternoon. An added bonus of a Ranch Hand Headache Rack comes when the rack deflects direct sunlight from getting into and heating up your cab and seats. Two types of rack are available, fully louvered and window cut, and these racks are available with or without rack-topping lights. Better still, you can use this rack with a toolbox, and it is a breeze to install.

Life is full of unplanned aggravations. Save yourself a major one, and keep your cab cool in the process, with a Ranch Hand Headache Rack. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.