Lexus LS460 Accessories, Custom Parts, Mods & Upgrades


Lexus LS460 Accessories

1989 was a big year for Lexus. That’s when Lexus rolled out the LS460. To this day, it’s received regular accolades as one of the best luxury full size sedans around. The Lexus L460 serves as the flagship model for the LS line with features designed for optimal performance and maximum comfort. Here at AAG, we stock a large variety of custom LS460 accessories; be sure to check them out below.

If you drive your Lexus in a sunny or especially hot climate, there isn’t a better way to spend money on your car than a sun shade. These reflective shades sit in your windshield and keep your interior much cooler – even when your LS460 is baking outside all day while you’re at work. We also have a selection of floor mats – available in different styles and colors – that protect your luxury interior from wear and tear. Our custom mats are a great upgrade over the ones that came with your Lexus. Not only will they cover more floor space, but they will fit just as well as your factory mats. It’s a direct upgrade! 

Lexus' flagship LS luxury sedan has been the best in the business for years and years, through a number of generations. No matter how the times and trends have changed, the Lexus LS series has been at the industry's forefront. Since '89 the model leading the way has been the Lexus LS460. But we don't have to get into particulars: if you already own one, you know exactly what your LS460 can do. When it's time to upgrade or add-on, don't accept just any fit. Find a custom design made specifically for your Lexus LS460 in the list of parts and accessories that follows. Judging by your taste, you expect the best. We are here to help you find it.