Cherry Bomb Exhaust & Mufflers

About Exhaust

If there's one name that's come to define performance in American mufflers, it is Cherry Bomb Exhaust. One of their mufflers transforms your ride from average cruiser to something else entirely, louder and more powerful. Add Cherry Bomb Tips to the equation, and not only will you sound awesome but you'll look awesome, too. With plenty of Cherry Bomb Mufflers to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect one for your vehicle.

It's the brand that sounds so good, they wrote a song about it! Cherry Bomb Exhaust gives you a loud and proud note that other companies only wish they could match. Shop with these guys and you'll enjoy a wide range of mufflers offering a little bit of everything, no matter what you're into. You'll love yours, no question about it.

Better yet, these mufflers feature tried and true designs that have lasted down through the ages for one simple reason: they work great! Sometimes it's just that simple, and when you hook a Cherry Bomb Muffler up to your car you'll experience the difference. An American classic in the purest sense, hook one up to your ride today!

Whether you want the milder tone of their Turbo Muffler or the classic scream of a Glasspack, Cherry Bomb does it all. And if you're looking to overhaul your whole system, they've got a cat back that's ready to rip. Finish the whole kit off with a polished Cherry Bomb Exhaust tip, and you've got a system that looks sweet, enhances your performance, and lets out a sound that strikes terror into the neighborhood.

If Cherry Bomb Exhaust is what you need, then is the place to be. It's easier to find the right muffler for your ride here than anywhere else. Choose your vehicle from our selector widget, and we'll show you everything available for it. Any additional questions can be handled via live chat or phone call by our dependable Customer Service team, and once you find the right one for you it ships for free. Details, details, details: worry about the big picture, and AAG can handle the rest.