AEM Air Intakes

About Air Intake Systems

AEM air intakes have been opening up hidden horsepower for over 20 years, and they show no signs of slowing down. You can pick up one of these legendary systems in a variety of styles and finishes, depending on your driving needs and sense of style. Each intake is custom-tuned at AEM headquarters for optimized flow that provides the maximum possible power. And when you shop at AAG, every order will will ship completely free.

Oxygen boosts combustion, and combustion gives you power - therefore, the additional air you'll get with an AEM cold air intake will instantly take your horsepower to the next level. These free-flowing intakes feed ample, cool oxygen into your cylinders for awesome power and torque. Plus, is ready to help you find the perfect AEM Intake for your needs. No matter your budget or your driving style, there's an intake here for you.

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