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Installation Guides

Do it right the first time. Before you break out the toolbox, read up on our handy Installation Guides.

How To Change Your Air Filter

Maintain your engine's performance, and save on labor costs, by replacing your air filter yourself. It'll only take a few minutes, so you'll be back on the road in no time.

How To Change Your Spark Plugs

A new set of spark plugs will restore your engine's power, performance, and economy. Learn how to easily replace your plugs and get the most out of your vehicle.

How To Install A Bike Rack

Take your bikes on the go the right way with a Bike Rack. Check out the different styles we have to offer and see how easy it can be to install one.

How To Install a Billet Grille

Installing a billet grille isn't the most difficult job in the world, but there are rules that must be followed. Find instructions for the proper installation of customized billet grilles here.

How To Install A Dash Kit

Mounting a new Dash Kit will totally renovate your style, and it's a pretty quick process. Learn how to do it best here.

How To Install A Dashboard Cover

Installing a Dash Cover protects and customizes your interior, and it's also easy to do. Get the details you need right here.

How To Install A Grille Guard

Grille Guards and Bull Bars offer a high level of protection for your front end, and they're not even that hard to install. Check out the installation process here.

How To Install a Lift Kit

You're going to have to work for it, but installing a lift kit to your truck is not the most difficult job in the world. Enter here for installation guidelines and tips.

How To Install A Throttle Body Spacer

Adding a Throttle Body Spacer to your air intake can add horsepower, torque, and even fuel economy. Check out how you can install one yourself with basic tools.

How To Install a Tonneau Cover

There are many different ways to install a tonneau cover. Enter here to read guidelines on installing four of the most popular versions.

How To Install a Trailer Hitch

The idea of installing your own trailer hitch doesn't have to be unthinkable. Come on in to find general instructions for doing exactly that.

How To Install an Air Horn

Looking to enhance your sonic signature? Learn how to shop for and properly install a new air horn onto your truck or car.

How To Install an Air Intake System

Installing an air intake system can be a confusing process, but it will be worth it in the long run. Enter here for a guide to installing cold air performance intake systems.

How To Install Brake Pads

Replacing brake pads by yourself is a great way to save hundreds in labor fees. Follow these instructions and do the job right.

How To Install Brake Rotors

By installing Performance Brake Rotors by yourself, you can save a ton on labor costs. Read on and learn the fundamentals of the rotor replacement process.

How To Install Exhaust Headers

A difficult job is made easier with helpful Exhaust Header installation guidelines. Enter here for more details.

How To Install Exhaust Systems

In many cases, installing a Performance Exhaust System is a pretty easy process. They're usually custom-made for a perfect fit, so get your jack stands and your lead foot ready.

How To Install Fender Flares

Our Fender Flares give your truck or SUV a bold new look, and they're also easy to install. Find out how to pick the best Flares for your vehicle and how to bolt them on.

How To Install Heavy-Duty Bumpers

Installing a Heavy-Duty Bumper yourself isn't such a difficult task. Get some general instructions here, and see how you can toughen up your truck without the labor costs.

How To Install Mud Flaps

Learn how to put on a new set of Mud Flaps and Guards, and hit those muddy trails in confidence. You'll just need a couple tools and about an hour of your time.

How To Install Nerf Bars

Handy, stylish steps can be yours in no time when you bolt on a pair of Nerf Bars. See what it takes to bolt these tube steps onto your frame.

How To Install Running Boards

Installing running boards doesn't have to be an unthinkably difficult task farmed out to your mechanic. Learn how to do it yourself with these general running boards installation directions.

How To Install Seat Covers

Don't break out the thread and scissors just yet - installing car seat covers is a pretty pain-free process. Learn how to get your custom seat covers to fit perfectly the first time.

How To Install Truck Bed Caps

Protect your bed and add some extra style with Bed Caps, and read on to learn how to choose the best pair and install them the right way.

How To Install Truck Bed Liners

Installing a truck bed liner is essential if you want to keep your truck bed protected, and it's also really easy. Read on and see how to do it.

How To Install Truck Bed Rails

Bed Rails enhance your style as well as your cargo management flexibility. Learn how to properly mount your new truck bed rails and get the most out of your bed.

How To Install Vent Visors

Learn how to properly install your Window Deflectors for years of comfortable driving. From in-channel to tape-on vent visors, we've got all the bases covered.

How To Install Window Deflectors

Having trouble installing your Window Deflectors? Use our handy general installation guides to find out how the process works.